Possibility to convert fvwm2rc (version 2.0) to 2.6

Tried to update to 2.6 with my fvwm2rc from version 2.0.
Yes, I’m using fvwm2 now about ten years without problems.

But the conversion of my old fvwm2rc to 2.4 and afterwards to 2.6 failed
(no virtual desktops, no xclock, no digital clock, no date inside the fvwm pager).
So I’m not very happy and downgraded again to my previous version of fvwm2.
I’m not willing to spend much time in [re]writing a new config file.
(And I know it’s time consuming).

Maybe anyone does know a solution?

Well. You’re asking a lot.

Put your original config somewhere and I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reply.

This is my old and currently used .fvwm2rc file.


(Not all is euqually important, but there are a few features I wouldn’t like to set aside.)