possible bug in OpaqueMoveSize

I run fvwm on one of my gentoo systems. I was running fvwm-2.5.12 for a while, but I just recently upgraded to 2.5.16 (the current gentoo stable). After my upgrade upon logging in when I move windows around the screen they don’t appear opaque, instead showing the standard outline look that fvwm has. If I restart fvwm (Restart fvwm2) the problem goes away.

I have “OpaqueMoveSize unlimited” in my .fvwm2rc.

The problem doesn’t occur with “Style * ResizeOpaque”.

Try it with 2.5.17, I think something like that was fixed for that release.

– Thomas Adam

Ahh cool, I guess I was a bit late with my bug report then!

2.5.17 hasn’t hit portage yet, but it looks like there is a version bump filed at bugs.gentoo.org. I’ll try it out after it hits the servers.

Strange, no problem here (2.5.16 gentoo).
TryOpaqueMoveSize -1

No problems here either with on Gentoo with FVWM 2.5.16 with:

OpaqueMoveSize unlimited Style * ResizeOpaque
Must be somthing in your config interfering I think, though I don’t know why it doesn’t happen when you restart then.

BTW - I finally got around to tracking down the problem. The last line in my .fvwm2rc is:

Read ConfigFvwmTabs quietBy placing the OpaqueMoveSize unlimited after this line, or removing it completely makes it work fine on the first load. There most be something interefering with OpaqueMoveSize and ConfigFvwmTabs in 2.6.16, since in previous versions everything worked fine.

Also… quick question… What does “Read ConfigFvwmTabs quiet” do? I tried to find it on the internet and Fvwm’s manpages but I had no luck. It it isn’t useful I will just eliminate it from my config.

It tries to read the file first looking in $[FVWM_USERDIR] and then the system-wide location. The optional keyword ‘Quiet’ produces no error message if the file isn’t found.

– Thomas Adam

Mystery solved… This is in the file /usr/share/fvwm/FvwmTabs-DefaultSetup

[code]# Drag-&-drop doesn’t work well with OpaqueMove.

This might upset some users.

OpaqueMoveSize 0[/code]

Since FvwmTabs was officially added as part of fvwm in 2.6.15, this is why I started having problems after I upgraded from 2.6.12 to 2.6.16.