PRESSH's config

Lately cleaned up my config a bit. I’ll share it with you guys :wink: :

Well done!
Is that msn icon yust an icon or some kind of system tray?
I would like to add a systemtray to my dock but haven’t looked in to it yet

By the way: you’re only sharing the screenshot :wink:

That msn icon is in the systray. I swallowed trayer in my fvwmbuttons.
Of course I’m not only sharing a screenshot :wink:, I’ll upload my config tonight.

good work :slight_smile:

i would like to know what are you useing for the weather forcast box

I don’t recall the weather forecast, I will have to look up. I picked it up somewhere here in the forum.
My config is located at:
so you can get the weather script (and the rest) from there/