prevent WindowList to grab focus?


I want to solve something that I find pretty annoying.
When I hit alt+tab the WindowList shows all the windows etc as many of you probably use.
The thing I find anoying is that when I hit alt+tab (1 or a few times) the mouse folows the selection of the window. When alt is released, the mouse cursor jumps back to where it was before I hit alt+tab.
What is annoying in this? When the windowlist is shown and the mouse moves slightly (by touching it by accident with my arm for example) the selection of the window follows the mouse. Now, I tend to use the alt+tab function fast, and when I do and accidently move the mouse, the wrong window is raised and I have to alt+tab again.

I hope you are still following my story :slight_smile:

Is there a way for WindowList to ignore the mouse?

I looked in the fvwm man pages but only fvwmwindowlist is mentioned there. In the faq only an example is shown and it doens’t mention anything about it.

I hope it is possible to change this…

any help appreciated.


Are you sure you’re not wanting to use something like:

MenuStyle * TitleWarpOff ?

– Thomas Adam

I’m not sure what that does, but it doesn’t seem to change the behaviar I described. It’s just that the mouse follows the selection in the menu (same behaviar in the fvwm menu)