problem key bindings


I have Key XF86PowerOff A A Exec exec sudo hibernate Key M A CS Exec exec icedove in my config.
They stop working now.

How can I debug it ?

Turn off numlock. Check via xev(1) those keys map to how you’d expect. In the case of the XF86PowerOff key binding, ensure you have sudo-less passwords, or else, see gksudo.

– Thomas Adam

numlock is off. No problem with sudo.
ctrl+shift+f (for example) works fine.

If I restart fvwm without logout X, the two bindings also work.

Then it will be something along the lines of that XF86 key being an extended key – you can use one of several packages to define this – hotkeys, I think, is one such example.

– Thomas Adam

If I use xdm to start fvwm, all key bindings work fine.
But If I use startx + fvwm, some key bindings stop working.
I think this is because some key symbols are not defined by xorg at the time the binding lines are processed.

Thanks for your help.

I suspect you’ve defined keybindings in ~/.xsession and not in ~/.xinitrc as well (since startx only reads ~/.xinitrc)

You should just symlink one to the other.

– Thomas Adam

All my key bindings are defined in ~/.fvwm/config.
The problem (i think) is fvwm and X start at “the same time” if I use startx.

No, I meant in terms of using xmodmap directly.

– Thomas Adam

Generally it is:


– Thomas Adam