Problem with icons on the right panel

I use standard RightPanel and I have a strange problem with icons on the panel - they appear not whole (see below). At home, I use panel 240x2160 and icons 32x32 without a problem. At work, I use panel 120x1080 and icons 16x16 but this strange problem appears. I have verified the png files of icons - they all have sizes 16x16. I verified RightPanel height - it is ok - the sum of all lines is equal exactly to the height of the monitor 1080px. What may be the reason for the problem? The place for icons at home 40x40 and at work 20x20.

Are these icons part of stalonetray or something you have done to modify the RightPanel to include icons to Launch things. By default the RightPanel doesn’t have these icons in it (and stalonestray is only a single row of icons could) you share you configuration for your panel.

This is not a part of stalonetray, this is part of default RightPanel, I just modify it for me. The first line is following

DestroyModuleConfig RightPanel:*
*RightPanel: Geometry $[fvwm_rpw]x$[vp.height]-0+0
*RightPanel: Colorset 30
*RightPanel: Rows $[vp.height]
*RightPanel: Columns $[fvwm_rpw]
*RightPanel: Frame 0
*RightPanel: Font "xft:Sans:Bold:size=10:antialias=True"
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/firefox.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec firefox")
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/chrome.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec google-chrome-stable")
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/vivaldi.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec vivaldi-stable)
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/rclone-browser.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec rclone-browser")
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/terminal.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec mate-terminal")
*RightPanel: ($[fvwm_size], Icon "$[fvwm_icon]/folder-documents-red.png", ActiveColorset 12, Action(Mouse 1) "Exec exec qsudo caja")


SetEnv fvwm_rpw    120    # right panel width 
SetEnv fvwm_size   20x20  # place for icons
SetEnv fvwm_icon   $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icons/16x16

I did not find the root of the problem and simply changed fvwm_size to 20x24 and recalculated the RightPanel. But it is still interesting for me - where is the root of the problem. On another computer, I have a width panel 240 and use the place for icons 32x32, and the format of icons is the same 32x32. On that computer, there is no problem. Here I use place 20x20 but the format of the icon is 16x16, which is 4px less.

That is not the default RightPanel, as it contains no Icons. This is some modification of the RightPanel. The default can be found here:

It is probably some issue with either the actual size of the icons and/or the computation of the full panel. Since you didn’t contain the full panel configuration it is hard to say what the issue is, but my guess is you need to double check the math in whatever computations you are doing for the size.

I actually prefer to make my panels the exact size of my monitor and not use variables so I can easier control the size of each button. But seems you can play around with things, try to increase fvwm_size to like 24x24 or something and see if that gives you enough room to show the full icon.

You are not right. I use fvwm 2. RightPanel was by default fvwm/config at master · fvwmorg/fvwm · GitHub. Naturally, I recalculated many times the RightPanel. I noted that there is an overlap of icons in vertical positions. The place for an icon in the first line of icons overlaps the place of icons in the second line. In any case, I will try to find the root of the problem.