Problems comoiling "make deb-dist"

If i want to compile fvwm from a daily snapshot, there are no problems doing “./configure && make && make install”

But i have Debian Lenny, and i want to build a .deb-package, to install it with dpkg, i tried to build this *.deb-package with “make deb-dist”

I got an Error:

Fvwm Configuration:

Version: 2.5.27 (from cvs)

Executables: /usr/bin
Man pages: /usr/share/man
Modules: /usr/lib/fvwm/2.5.27
Data files: /usr/share/fvwm
Doc files: /usr/share/doc/fvwm
Perl lib: /usr/share/fvwm/perllib
Locale msg: /usr/share/locale ar de fr sv_SE zh_CN

With Asian bi-direct. text support? yes
With Gettext Native Lang support? yes (libc)
With GTK+ required for FvwmGtk? yes
With GDK image support in FvwmGtk? yes
With GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk? no: Explicitly disabled
With Iconv support? yes (from C library)
With Mouse strokes (gestures)? yes
With PNG image support? yes
With ReadLine sup. in FvwmConsole? yes
With RPlay support in FvwmEvent? no: Explicitly disabled
With Shaped window support? yes
With Shared memory for XImage? yes
With Session Management support? yes
With SVG image support? yes
With Xcursor support? yes
With Xinerama multi-head support? yes
With Xft anti-alias font support? yes (version 2)
With XPM image support? yes
With Xrender image support? yes
Build man pages? yes
Build HTML documentation? no

See INSTALL.fvwm for the description of what this may mean.
fakeroot dh_testdir -Pcd .. && pwd/inst-2.5.27
fakeroot dh_testroot -Pcd .. && pwd/inst-2.5.27
fakeroot dh_clean -Pcd .. && pwd/inst-2.5.27
dh_clean: Compatibility levels before 4 are deprecated.
(cd … && dpkg-source -b /home/jakob/src/fvwm-snap-20081204/fvwm-2.5.27)
parsechangelog/debian: Warnung: /home/jakob/src/fvwm-snap-20081204/fvwm-2.5.27/debian/changelog(l5): konnte Datum Don, 04 Dez 2008 12:26:10 +0100 nicht auswerten
dpkg-source: Warnung: kann Abhängigkeit libgtk1.2-dev || libgtk1.4-dev nicht auswerten
dpkg-source: Fehler: Fehler beim Parsen von Build-Depends
make[3]: *** [inplace] Fehler 255
make[3]: Leaving directory /home/jakob/src/fvwm-snap-20081204/fvwm-2.5.27' make[2]: *** [deb-inplace] Fehler 1 make[2]: Leaving directory /home/jakob/src/fvwm-snap-20081204/fvwm-2.5.27’
make[1]: *** [this] Fehler 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jakob/src/fvwm-snap-20081204’
make: *** [deb-this] Fehler 1

And i did not disable “With GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk” explicit…

What’s wrong there?


Can you translate the German into English?

– Thomas Adam

there still dependencies with libgtk1.2-dev!
but I cant figure out why its unable to evaluate the date?

Grüße aus dem Rheinland! :wink: