Problems writing functions

Functions I write to the config file do not evaluate.
DestroyFnc T1
AddToFnc T1

  • I Exec exec -e man “fvwm”

evaluating this in FvwmConcole gives:
[fvwm][__execute_function]: <> No such command ‘T1’

If, on the other hand, I copy a function then rename it, it works OK.
As a test I take the function ViewManPage and add:

DestroyFunc RewrittenManPage
AddToFnc RewrittenManPage

  • I Exec exec $[infostore.terminal] -g 80x40
    -n “Manual Page - $0” -T “Manual Page - $0” -e man “$0”

DestroyFunc CopiedViewManPage
AddToFunc CopiedManPage

  • I Exec exec $[infostore.terminal] -g 80x40
    -n “Manual Page - $0” -T “Manual Page - $0” -e man “$0”

to the config file. The rewritten (ie typed in again) version gives the same error as the T1 example while the copy/pasted one works OK.

I am running Fvwm 2.6.8 on Debian 10.4.

I have this same setup running on another computer with the same results.
Help would be gratefully appreciated.

You have typos here:

DestroyFnc -> DestroyFunc
AddToFnc -> AddToFunc

So yes, if you try and make up your own syntax, usually things won’t work. :slight_smile:

Oh dear, how embarrassing.
Thanks for replying so promptly

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