'trying to make a “design” theme ( sounds great hu ? :unamused: ) :

i will share a soon as possible.

looks really good, nice and clean… but i dont really like your title decors =P
you should make them purple instead of gray


well , they 're not grey but transparent :slight_smile: .
As you can see , it’s a work in progress but no more progress since this shot :smiley:, i have worked on my “winter theme” and learned some interesting things.
I will soon continue this one.
thx for your opinion :wink:

nice one :slight_smile:
simple, and clean…
I like it. Good work.

Hey the titlebar buttons are mine ! (i’m pierreg from the gentoo forums :wink:) But there is no problem ^^ I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
Nice theme :wink:

hi all,

@pierreg : yes :stuck_out_tongue: do you missed it ? i was trying to make some with inkscape when i found yours , they are perfect :wink:.

@Fajer : many thx :slight_smile: