qt and transient windows

I recently installed kregexpeditor and when loading it, i noticed that the window is set as Transient, thus not showing up in my IconMan, nor having window decorations. I added

Style kregexpeditor DecorateTransient to my config temporarily, but do not see the need of this window being transient. I’d prefer to write a patch for my gentoo overlay to remove the transient property of this window. Can anybody with QT experience give me some direction as to what function to look for in the code to disable this transient property?



There’s two separate issues going on here. To explain the FVWM side of things, you can probably force what you’re doing to “fake” the fact that it’s transient, but assigning more buttons to it:

Style kregexpeditor Button 1, Button 2, [...]

If, however, the main window application is registering as being modal (transient), that is indeed a bug. Just re-confirm it using the following:

xprop | grep -i transient

… and then click on this application (I have no idea what it does – nor care). You should see output similar to:

WM_TRANSIENT_FOR(WINDOW): window id # 0x5200003

In which case the developers of this thing want shooting. I don’t have any idea what’s happening without looking at the source code. However I’ll quote to you verbatim a snippet of an email I sent to someone some months ago now. From that, I’ll let you dig around:

– Thomas Adam

thanks thomasadam,
the window is indeed modal jule@leiden ~ $ xprop | grep -i transient WM_TRANSIENT_FOR(WINDOW): window id # 0x4c
I will file a bug with the development team, but since my previous bug reports for this application have yet to be replied upon, I decided to try and fix it myself.

what function to look for in the code to disable this transient property?
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