Quake style console

Does anyone have any functions and a key binding like this:
dev.gentoo.org/~taviso/screensho … onsole.png

I’m using taviso’s config so it mostly works, still have some issues with it, but learning to decode this odd syntax :slight_smile:

I’m just looking for a way to access the console in the same approach that Quake uses. Pressing ~ to get to the console.


Hello, i use these functions to do that :

[code]Key twosuperior A C ToggleTerminal

DestroyFunc ToggleTerminal
AddToFunc ToggleTerminal

  • I SetEnv OpenedTerm “False”
  • I None (GameConsole) StartTerminal
  • I All (GameConsole) Focus
  • I All (GameConsole) Raise
  • I All (GameConsole, Shaded) WindowShade False
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) SetWindowShadeTrue

DestroyFunc SetWindowShadeTrue
AddToFunc SetWindowShadeTrue

  • I Test (EnvMatch OpenedTerm False) All (GameConsole) WindowShade True

DestroyFunc StartTerminal
AddToFunc StartTerminal

  • I Exec exec $[TermQuake] -geometry 150x30+0+0 -shading 30 -name GameConsole
  • I Wait GameConsole
  • I All (GameConsole) Resize 101 keep
  • I SetEnv OpenedTerm “True”

AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Test (Restart) All (GameConsole) Close

because of the console become unusable when you restart fvwm

Enjoy !

I have it working this way.

file = HiddenConsole

DestroyFunc StartHiddenConsole
AddToFunc StartHiddenConsole
+ I Exec exec xterm -geometry 153x10+0+0 -name HiddenConsole
+ I Wait HiddenConsole
+ I Next (HiddenConsole) Resize $[vp.width]p 9
+ I AutoHide HiddenConsole 0 0 N

DestroyFunc HiddenConsoleKeyBinding
AddToFunc HiddenConsoleKeyBinding
+ I ThisWindow (Shaded) FuncAutoEnter
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) NoWindow FuncAutoEnter

DestroyFunc FuncAutoEnter
AddToFunc FuncAutoEnter I Autohide HiddenConsole 500 500 N

Style HiddenConsole Sticky, WindowListSkip, Notitle, StaysOnTop, NoHandles,
Style HiddenConsole CirculateSkip, WindowShadeSteps 100, ResizeHintOverride

Key H A 4 Next (CirculateHit, HiddenConsole) HiddenConsoleKeyBinding

AddToFunc Autohide
+ I ThisWindow ($0) Deschedule $[w.id]
+ I TestRc (!Match) Deschedule -$[w.id]
+ I ThisWindow ($0) ThisWindow (shaded) AutohideShow $1 $3
+ I TestRc (!Match) All ($0, !shaded) AutohideHide $2 $3

AddToFunc AutohideShow
+ I Schedule $0 -$[w.id] WindowShade $1 off
+ I Schedule $0 -$[w.id] Raise
+ I Schedule $0 -$[w.id] Deschedule $[w.id]
+ I Schedule $0 -$[w.id] Deschedule -$[w.id]

AddToFunc AutohideHide
+ I Schedule $0 $[w.id] WindowShade $1 on
+ I Schedule $0 $[w.id] Deschedule $[w.id]
+ I Schedule $0 $[w.id] Deschedule -$[w.id]

in .fvwm2rc

Read HiddenConsole

AddTo StartFunction 
+ I Test (Init) Test (x xterm) StartHiddenConsole

hope this helps


It’s in FAQ entry #7.17 to be precise. Well, not literally, but close enought :wink:

And now do I! Many thanks.

np, that was mainly taken from taviso’s config as well, thank him.:slight_smile: