Quest: emulation of menu thru FvwmButtons

Im trying to do some kind of menu using FvwmButtons. So far the thing does not look too bad (I’ll post screens when I have finished). I’ve run into some problems and managed to solve almost everything on my own, though, there are a couple of things that I wonder.

First, I made this to emulate the menu-feel. Basically, it closes the menu when you move the mouse out of it. This is what I have now:

Module FvwmEvent FvwmFocusChange
*FvwmFocusChange: Cmd
*FvwmFocusChange: leave_window FocusChange

DestroyFunc FocusChange
AddToFunc FocusChange
+ I ThisWindow (MenuPanel|DevicePanel) Close

I don’t know if this is the best event, and the thing I am worried about is the +I line. Is really Close the best bet here? I ask because when I go out the menu closes, that’s ok, but a bit later I can see the menu blink again in the screen (like respawning or something) and hide again very fast (but perceptible). Of course, MenuPanel and DevicePanel are both FvwmButtons instances.

Second: I’m aware of the ActionOnPress option of FvwmButtons. Would it be possible to replicate that behaviour when using panelized FvwmButtons? What I would like is the fake menus to open on click, and not when I release the button. I suppose that this question has no possitive answer, but as I always say: to ask is for free. :wink:

  • Thanks and regards. If you are interested in this thing keep an eye here, I will post some screenies when I have something usefull. :slight_smile:

theBlackDragon beat you to this:


That is the correct event to use, yes. I suspect something else is happening though.

You want to keep the “panels” open whilst the mouse button is held down?

– Thomas Adam

Vow! I will look into that. Sure I can get something usefull from there.

Yes. That’s the point, and select an item on release. But I think that this is to ask for too much.

Thanks for the link. Im going to check the stuff there right now.