Question about fvwm config


I am using this config but I how do I shrink the size of the ToolBox (The FvwButtons)? I’m new to fvwm and studying the .fvwmrc included didn’t help.

It’s this line (line 93) you want to edit:

*FvwmButtonsGeometry +0+0

Change it to something like:

*FvwmButtonsGeometry 100x100+0+0

You also want to remove the ModulePath line(line 89) from the config, it’s not really a good idea to mess with it unless you have custom modules installed.

It also looks as if parts of the config (like the module configuration parts and the Style lines) use an old configuration syntax, nowadays there’s a colon between the name/alias of the module your configuring and the option you’re changing, like:

*FvwmButtons: Geometry 100x100+0+0

Also the double quotes in the Style options are no longer needed, so this:

Style "xterm"	Icon Shell2.linux.xpm

can be written as

Style xterm	Icon Shell2.linux.xpm

worked like a charm. thanks.