Question: Fvwm3 scripting (language)

I am a very happy user of Fvwm and it has became my favourite window manager. I would like to get in to scripting Fvwm3. I am wondering if perl is still the primary language you will use for this purpose. Can any Python/Ruby instead? Please advise.

Hi @xudox

Perl might appear like the primary language, but that’s only because it is a part of fvwm itself, due to its long history.

In fvwm3 with the new FvwmMFL module, you can use this to bind to events, where the language you’re using is also capable of doing unix-domain sockets. If you have a look at man FvwmMFL there’s further clarification there.

What’s missing, I suppose, are wrapper libraries in different languages around FvwmMFL – if that’s something you’d like to do for your preferred $LANGUAGE, I can certainly help you with that.

This idea of using FvwmMFL would allow for an event-driven approach, without the need to bind to fvwm3’s library directly, as I’ll be phasing that out in future releases.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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Hi @thomasadam, thanks for your reply. This helps a lot. I have only recently upgraded from Fvwm2 to Fvwm3 and was unaware of FvwmMFL module. Before posting this question, I managed to get a basic old style perl-fvwm extension script working after going through various resources. FvwmMFL looks more user friendly to me. Thanks again