Questions about FvwmButton

Hi, Thomas Adam!
I have configured conky and I want fvwmbutton swallow him.
This code previously worked
DestroyModuleConfig ModConsole: *
*ModConsole: Geometry 1920x1000+0-$[vp.height]
*ModConsole: Colorset 0
*ModConsole: Rows 1000
*ModConsole: Columns 1920
*ModConsole: BoxSize fixed
*ModConsole: Frame 0
*ModConsole: Padding 0
*ModConsole: (Size 600x400, Frame 0, Swallow (UseOld, Respawn) “conky” ‘Exec exec conky -o -c ~/.fvwm/.conkyrc’)
conky appears but is not swallowed.
And I want to make tabs in fvwmbutton like in chrome for other apps

Hi @googrey,

When conky runs in its own window (but isn’t swallowed), what does the output from xprop say about the window?

Thanks you, Thomas Adam!
I understanded. FVWM classified conky how system_conky.