Questions around a config

[color=#000040]As i prefere search for information myself i digg around the net to see if there are some good examples out there to learn from.
So lately i wanted my pager pop up as soon i touch any edge of the screen -which lead me to this site -->

I have removed stuff i don’t need too make the code that i want to learn from a bit clearer…so now i have this config-file with about 67 lines with the original code (which i have beautified a little - i have removed that RedefineFunc i was asking about in an earlier thread an ,

So now i have some questions around the rest of that config (which origin code is not from me) - so now i need to know which is the best way from my side to ask about it.

Should i paste the rest of the config i have left (just about 67 lines of code, i can shrink it even some lines more with removing stuff from the pager settings…).
…or - as the config is at the authours site - should i expect that you download and untar the config to discuss parts abotu it, or is it better i put it online somewhere so you just can click on a link and view the origin one (as i am not the author of it, i am not sure about what he should like me do so).

I should prefere paste the config here and type my questions as commenst in it, but - am i allowed do so.?

If this the right forum?[/color]
Otherwise please direct me to right forum for this kind of thread.



See question 16. Try also not to use so much colour if you can. In other words, use a pastebin and ask your question here.

I’m locking this thread and moving it to Dups.

– Thomas Adam