Questions reguarding clock and focusing

Hey, first of all, how can I changet the settings of the clock so that it is the right time and 12 hours instead of 24?

Also, whenever I click something in the dock the mouse moves to the middle of that window, is there a way to change that so the mouse doesn’t move when I click on it?

And finally: is there a way to raise a window by clicking on the window instead of just being able to click the titlebar?


Also, how do I make it so that when I open a program it comes into focus?

  1. This setting really depends on the clock you’re using.
  2. I guess it should be possible, though I don’t know how…
  3. “Style * ClickToFocusRaises” should do that I think, you might also want to check out the ClickToFocus style, this should also take care of your 4th question.
  4. From the man page:

Hope I could at least partially help you :slight_smile: