Raise is not working in the function

I have the following function:

DestroyFunc Func_Maximize
AddToFunc   Func_Maximize
+ I ThisWindow (XTerm) Maximize
+ I ThisWindow (XTerm) Break
+ I ThisWindow (!Maximized) WindowStyle !Borders
+ I TestRc WindowStyle Borders
+ I RefreshWindow
+ I Maximize
+ I Raise

And is invoked by:

Key   F   A   4   Func_Maximize

Everything works as it should except for the final Raise command. The window gets maximized but is behind other windows.

How can I get the function to raise the window to the top?

It still won’t raise the window. I’ve tried:

+ I Layer 0 9
+ I Raise


+ I ThisWindow (!Visible|Overlapped|!Raised) Raise

Am I using Raise wrong?

Might this be in the wrong forum? I think this should be an easy answer that I’m stuck on.

Is there another forum I might be able to get help from?

+ I Current Raise


+ I ThisWindow (Focused) Raise

Both don’t work? Is this a bug or am I using it wrong?