Raise/Lower-ing same type of application


Currently I have this mouse binding:

Mouse 3        TFS A   RaiseLower

As defined, it lowers current window (which is being right-clicked on) and raises other window(s) which were beneath.
Now, I would like to raise just those apps which are the same as the current being clicked on.
For example: I have 2 aterms and 2 nedit windows. When I right-click on nedit, I would like to raise just that other nedit beneath the first one, and leave aterms beneath intact.

Now, I was RT(F)M-ing fvwm2, but I just don’t get any ideas how to do this, so any help, directions, suggestions is very appreciated.


So something like:

 All (CurrentPage, $[w.class]) RaiseLower

– Thomas Adam

And it works! And I like it :smiley:
Thank you!