raising the pager with keybinding

Hi, when I started playing with fvwm, I came across a conig file that had a keybinding for raising the pager to show it on top of all the windows.

However, I seem to have deleted the file and I can’t find it anymore on the internet.
What I want to do is this:
I have a pager somewhere on my desk, it is not swallowed in an fvwmbuttons.
when windows are covering the pager, I want the pager to become visible when I press e.g. alt+ctrl+p and to disappear (go back to the bottom) when I press it again (or another shortkey) . so the behaviar should be something simmilar to alt+esc to toggle fvwmProxy as seen in most of the configs, but not hiding the pager, just sent it to bottom.

hope this makes sence.

I tried

Key P A CS SendToModule FvwmPager ShowToggle
but that didn’t do anything.


OK, I more or less solved it myself. I found some usefull functions here.

I was able to modify them to the folowing:

[code]# ShowHide Pager, modified from functions in http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~pz215/editing/config.fvwm2rc
DestroyFunc HidePager
AddToFunc HidePager

  • I All (FvwmPager) Layer 0 0

DestroyFunc RaisePager
AddToFunc RaisePager

  • I All (FvwmPager) Layer 0 6

DestroyFunc ShowPager
AddToFunc ShowPager

  • I RaisePager

Mouse 2 A C HidePager
Mouse 3 A C ShowPager[/code]
If I do ctrl+rightclick, the pager raises, if I do ctrl+middleclick, the pager lowers. I tried combining the to functions in 1 function so I would only need ctrl+rightclick to show/hide the pager, but I wasn’t able to hid the pager then.

any sugestions?


[edit] Just noticed I should have posted this in the decor and bindigs section. move it there if you want[/edit]

You can use States for remembering if the pager is on top. What I use:

DestroyFunc HideUnhidePager
AddToFunc HideUnhidePager
+ I All (FvwmPager, !State 12) Layer 0 1
+ I All (FvwmPager, State 12) Layer 0 10
+ I All (FvwmPager) State 12

And bind it to your favourite mouse/key.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

Just a little question. I’m still learning the fvwm-stuff. Does the ‘12’ have a special meaning, or doe you just define state 12 for the pager (and maybe other states to other components)?
It could also be state 5 if I wish, or did I interpret this wrongly?


No, 12 doesn’t have any special meaning. I use it because I already used the previous ones for other functions. You can use any number you want between 0 and 31.


I’ve looked into the man page, and I found you can also do it without using states:

DestroyFunc HideUnhidePager
AddToFunc HideUnhidePager
+ I All (FvwmPager, Layer 10) Layer 0 1
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) All (FvwmPager) Layer 0 10

Choose what you prefer :wink: