Read this before posting!

Note: Please submit any feature request as a github issue:

First off, this is by no means an official way to request features, but if a feature is popular, the chances that someone will mention it on the fvwm-devel mailinglist or that some developer/user will make a patch to include it is pretty big and so is the chance that it’ll end up in the next version of our favourite window manager.

Now, how should you post topics in this forum?

  1. use a title that’s as descriptive as possible
  2. describe the feature you want as detailed as possible
  3. make a poll out of the topic, having at least these two options: “Yes, I’d like to have this feature very much” (or similar), “No, this is just a useless load of junk” (preferably something less offensive than this :wink: ) other options might include: “No, but (state detailed reason below)” or “Yes, but (state detailed reason below)” or any other answer you deam useful.

Ignoring these guidelines might get your post modified/deleted by a moderator (depending on how bad the situation is…deletion should only be used in extreme circumstances)