Redefine the built-in keyboard shortcuts

I use the dvorak layout. Is there anyway I can redefine the keyboard shortcuts described here: … m.php#lbBB

Just make an appropriate “Key” definition in your config, as for the builtin commands: I don’t think you can change them without changing the fvwm sourcecode.


Regarding the built-in menu; is this the right way to kinda “undefine” the built-in menu:
Mouse 1 R A menu nonexistent_to_prevent_built-in_menu

I believe it generates an error message every time one presses mouse 1 on root.

If you follow the link I gave, you’ll see I am refering to the following menu navigation with the keyboard:

These aren’t made with any “Key” definition. Sure would be nice if I could change them!

As for your question:

That is the right syntax, but you’re probably getting an error because you’re calling a menu that doesn’t exist! Just remove the menu command and replace it with… nothing. This will undefine it:

Mouse 	1	R       A

Or use Nop as in:

Mouse 	1	R       A Nop

Thanks :slight_smile: