Remember Ikaro?

Hi all,

I’m sure many of you will know of Ikaro, he of many stunning FVWM and Fluxbox screenshots, and (now offline). I know that many people were attracted to FVWM and Fluxbox because of him. Some might also know that he’s now “batting for the other side” (in a manner of speaking). (I found out today.) If you hadn’t, check this out:

And more specifically: and




Good luck to him. He has some interesting reasons for switching, but I hope he makes the most from his experience with Windows.

– Thomas Adam


I have heard a lot about ikaro fvwm configs ;
unfortunately ikaro seems to have lost interest
in fvwm and his configs are not available anymore
on his website. If anybody has kept some of these
fvwm configs, I will be happy if they can email them to me :
harven at


It’a a matter of choice: he says he is more productive on windows. I can perfectly understand his position because I have the same perspective: I’m more productive on Linux. That’s why I choosed Linux.

On my job (I’m a programmer) having the optimal drivers for every p.o.s I plug on my machines isn’t an issue - anyway, when I need to buy some new device I always check first if it is supported (and in what level) by Linux.
But I can understand that, for some kind of jobs, having extended support for some devices is a top-level priority. And ms windows is marveillous on supporting a lot of hardware, because the hardware was made for it.

Maybe with his help and his experience windows desktop will come closer to what FVWM is.

I deliberately choose to keep dreaming. Awake.

It seems to have revolved around his TV card problems.

Anyway, (for Harven) I found an area where the fluxmod stuff is archived. I’m not sure how much FVWM is there, I guess it’s mostly fluxbox:

I feel a bit depressed about the whole thing … :frowning:


I, too, miss Ikaro. He did wonderful things with Fvwm. I really don’t understand how can he feel comfortable with that caged operating system.
I made a backup of his site time ago; there are no config files, but only screenshots.
Here is the file: … o.tgz.html

Seems like he took his blog down too. But still, it’s kind of funny that one could spend days and days creating an Fvwm configuration but cannot spend the same amount of time to get a piece of hardware working. Though I must admit that sometimes things just need to work ™ and that is something that MS hardware support mostly does.