remove the padding (or 3d feel) to minimised icons

Hi All,
I have been trying to remove the 3D embossed frame feel (is it the padding?) from the icons of minimised apps but I cannot seem to be able to, although, if I minimise either a pidgin chat window where the contact has a pic or Adobe, then the icon does not have a frame/padding,
I hope it was clear what I want to achieve

can you help?


Unsure exactly what you mean, but looking through the fvwm man page I found the following styles that may be of use.

IconBackgroundRelief and IconBackgroundPadding

These are default to 2, and maybe need to be set to 0 so there is no Relief or Padding around the icons.

You can read more details on these styles in the man page.

WOW!! that is EXACTLY IT!!!
thank you so much, after months and months I finally have the desktop that I always wanted :slight_smile:

We can consider this resolved!