removing the mouse from your desktop


Has anyone ever had the situation where the needed the mouse to be gone - entirely - from their environment?

I understand that this might be a little counter intuitive - this is a window managing environment, isn’t it? We need a mouse! Well, I have run into a situation where, if my environment goes into a certain state, or a certain window appears, I need to remove any visible sign of the mouse. Here are the solutions that I have thought of, but can’t seem to find a way to implement any of them.

  1. kill the mouse (which is what I would prefer)
  2. make the mouse ‘invisible’ (next best option)
  3. ‘hide’ the mouse behind the current application (last choice, but most likely the most possible)

Anyone have any thoughts?

I’ve mentioned it before to you – look at the ‘unclutter’ program which is included in most disros that I know of.

– Thomas Adam

this was actually a different issue (I apologize for not being clear – I am currently using unclutter and am finding it to be an excellent solution for turning off the mouse when not in use.) - I guess I really wanted to be able to have the mouse ignore one of my two monitors - I found a solution via the guys at xorg.

If anyone cares, this is what you do. In your xorg.conf file, in the ServerLayout section, change whatever the reference to your “screens” is, to the following:

Screen 0 "Screen0" Screen 1 "Screen1"

This removes any knowledge of where the two monitors reside (in position) - thus allowing you keep the mouse on only one montior (dislay :0.0 – :0.1 is ignored)

Anyway, if you wanted to know there it is.