Request for a Metisse corner...

Hi girls and guys…

I would request a metisse corner, particularly because the metisse homepage ( is lack of every possibility for support, except the email of the developer.

Metisse is so cool and should earn more publicity.

So please create a metisse corner!

Btw. I would be pleased to be a moderator of this new forum then. :wink:


We haven’t really had any Metisse questions yet, so I don’t know if it’s really appropriate just yet. So we’ll watch the situation for now and decide based on the amount of Metisse “traffic” we get in the future…

Well, I think all people which had questions about metisse has asked the developer himself, because only his email-adress is shown on the metisse-homepage.
Like me, I’ve written two emails too yesterday.

And, btw. I think it would be absolutly no problem to ask the metisse author to add the url to this discussion forum to his homepage, if you’ll open a metisse-corner.

This would bring more live into this board, I think. :wink:

I sent the Metisse author a mail a couple of days ago, but haven’t got a reply yet, I’ll let you know when I do :slight_smile:

Great, thanks.

btw. I havn’t got any replies too until now… :frowning:

I agree. I would like to see a Metisse forum. If someone would like, I could host it on my box for a while. So, you have a volunteer 8)

Hmm. Metisse isn’t all that different from FVWM. You could segregate it to a different forum, but that might lose potential people posting questions here.

– Thomas Adam