[Request]Fvwm-Live-CD. NEED YOUR CONFIG!!

Hi everybody.

I think the topic says all.:wink:

I wanna make a FVWM-Demo-Live-CD.

The live-cd would be based on Arch Linux. To build the live-cd i´ll use the scripts of Archie, the live-cd project of Arch Linux.

So i´ve got 2 questions now.

First, which Apps u wanna see in this live-cd? Post your opinions.

But my main goal is.
I wanna show the world how cool, sexy,sweet, usefull, different, … FVWM could be.

[size=150] So i need all your configs out there. [/size]

But because it would be very much work to get all your configs work nicely with the live-cd i want you to clean them up. Remove unnessecary files, icons, scripts,…

There are some guidelines you should know.

I´ll put all configs in it´s own directory. Like

~/.fvwm-legout ~/.fvwm-stonecrest ...

So that i can load a new config with a little script, something like this.

#!/bin/sh cd rm -r .fvwm ln -s -fvwm-legout .fvwm FvwmCommand Restart

Because the your configs should work on each PC and everyone would have another Resolution you should try to make your config work with all resolutions up 1024x768.

If you´ve got a wallpaperscript. I´ll include some wallpapers into ~/.wallpapers. And to set them i´ll use fbsetg. So please change your script to work with it.

If you´ve done that? Please post here, where i can download your config.
I hope that i could include many nice configs.

Please also post here and tell me what you think about this idea??

Cheers :smiley:

hi legout

that’ s a good idea but i believe i have ever read something 'bout a livecd with fvwm.
i will post my new one anyway but you’d better request your favorite iconset 'cause if not , the theme will be quickly big.

You read about it here:


– Thomas Adam

:smiley: you dig as fast as a bullet !

thx for the resurrection. i found some interesting links in this thread.

Well, indeed. I have a tendency to remember most of the threads I respond in. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

My recommendation for applications: gqview and gqmpeg.
Brilliant apps.