Resize edge scroll

Currently, you can move and maximize a window over screen (page) edge. To resize first requires to move or max. Then mouse scroll to next page and do resize. Instead of three steps, one new resize edge feature.

@thomasadam “You can already do this with the Resize command and warptoborder option”.

When you add a command to Resize it behaves same as Maximize e.g. Resize 100 100 vs Maximize 100 100. Resize 100 100 makes the window a full screen. This is NOT what I am asking.

If Resize does go over the screen edge, what is the command to manually resize a window by dragging the window edge to any size within DesktopSize 3x2?

Is this possible?

What is it you’re asking, sorry? You want to resize a window beyond the size of the viewport, so that it goes beyond the page boundary?

Yes, beyond page boundary.

I compared Maximize vs Resize. The single command does what it says. Maximize is ruled by EwmhBaseStruts and Resize allows dragging the window to any size. Both stays within the screen (viewpoint). Doesn’t go beyond regardless of DesktopSize.

With a command option, Resize loses its drag feature and does the same as Maximize e.g. executes the option size. Option 100 100 executes to full screen which does a poor job. The title bar exceeds the viewpoint. On DesktopSize 1x1 there is no way to redo it except restarting the computer.

The requested feature is to change the option commands not based on Maximize but similar to EdgeScroll/EdgeCommand.

I did a test with the old fvwm 1.24, the resize beyond the page boundary works fine. Not in 2.6.8.

Hi @rasat

Try something like:

Style * EdgeResizeDelay 300

– Thomas

Thank youuuu! Works fine. This was a feature I was really looking forward to having.