Resize event without move Event

When I am resizing a window from top or left or topleft, I received a
size event but not a move event, is it normal or is it a config features or is it a bug ?
Thank you for your help

It’s normal as resising is different from moving, there are always parts of your window that stay put when you resize it, whereas when you move a window everything in that window changes places.

Well, I hope that doesn’t sound too confused really… :wink:

Thank you for your reply
I don’t think it is normal, because on kwin for exemple, you have a resize event and a move event.
How do I know if the window is resizing from the left or from the right ? (I need to know it on my application !)

Can you try and explain that again? If I am reading you correctly, you want some kind of visual indication that you’re resizing windows rather than moving them? While this might seem silly (remember that resizing is usually a user operation, and well, you therefore know that you;'re resizing) you can set the style of all windows to use:

Style * ResizeOutline

Or maybe you mean you want to move and resize a window in one hit? See the ResizeMove command in the Fvwm man page.

– Thomas Adam

Ok I reexplain,
when I am resizing a window from the left with the mouse, I want to have a resize event and a move event, or I want to have a way to know that the window is resizing from the left or from the right.
Thank you.

Then it is not possible. There is no way (that I know of) to determine the direction (and hence origin) of the resize operation. But again, if you want a Resize and a move operation see: ResizeMove.

– Thomas Adam