reversed raised/sunk behavior

I am having some weird behavior out of buttonstyle. The button 4 (my maximize) button is configured as:

[code]+ ButtonStyle 4 Active Vector 7 30x30@3 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x30@3 30x30@3 30x35@3 60x35@3 – Flat

  • ButtonStyle 4 ActiveDown – Sunk
  • ButtonStyle 4 ActiveUp – Sunk[/code]
    Notice that both Up and Down are set as “Sunk”. The Up behavior is correct. On Down, the button is actually raised (see screenshot). If I set ActiveDown to Raised, then I get the desired behavior of “Sunked” at down.

not sure if it’s a bug or not.


No, it’s your inability to undertand how MWMHints affect window decor:

Style * !MwmButtond

See also: MwmDecorMax.

– Thomas Adam