rhinovirus' config

Disagree. I like the menu. What font is it?

Thank you baeksu, the font is Verdona (bold, size 10).


Latest screenie:

Plus my config.

I like clean things like your window deco. It is nice… For some ununderstandable reason most people keep thinking that pixmaps in the titlebar buttons looks nice while I still preffer a vector deco.

By the way, what editor is that on the screenie? Im looking for some light editor for X, preferably gtk2 based but not tied to gnome-libs and the like. [/offtopic] :slight_smile:

About the menu, I dont like having tittles in the middle of the menu so much, but certainly, I don’t dislike the design. It looks clean, the way I like things.


Slight addition to what bibi.skuk said - its gvim + cream.

Thanks for the clarification, I know gvim well and did not understand how could that be gvim (never liked it, preffer plain vim). Never heard about cream… I suppose it is time to emerge and test putting the emerger sunglasses 8) Thanks.

It’s quite good (I’ve provided hints and patches to it before now). I use cream as my mail-editor.

– Thomas Adam

New screenshot:

New shinier titlebars, active menu item fg colour now follows titlebar fg colour, plus my patch to use the fg colour for submenu triangles:


I would happily post my SciTEGlobal.properties file…unfortunately I don’t have one.

I like the window decor :slight_smile:

hi, noticed that the config hasnt been posted?
to the OP can you please post the config file


No. Look again: viewtopic.php?p=5402#5402

– Thomas Adam

thanks Thomas. Dont know how i missed it