Rhythmbox looking wierd in FVWm

I use Ubuntu that comes with gnome. When I am using Rythmbox in gnome it looks fine, but when I use it in FVWM the icons for library and Volume control are gone even though I can still use them.

Why does the appearence for Rythmbox change when I use it in FVWM?

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Can you take a screenshot of how it looks under GNOME, and how it looks under FVWM, please? I am unable to determine from your statement, just what the problem looks like.

– Thomas Adam

This is how it looks in gnome:
photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3626 … /gnome.jpg

And this is how it looks in fvwm:

photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3626 … 0/fvwm.jpg

The links don’t work for me but the most probably cause is that gnome uses the settings from /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon which isn’t running when you are using FVWM, so you can either start it in your StartFunction or InitFunction or use gtk-theme-switch (invoked with switch2) to set your GTK settings from any WM.

I can’t seem to start gtk-theme-switch:

mos@ubuntu:~$ gtk-theme-switch
bash: gtk-theme-switch: command not found

mos@ubuntu:~$ switch2
bash: switch2: command not found

does this link work:


That’s strange indeed …

You could try running the program with strace, like this:

strace rhythmbox 2> stracelog.txt

Then you can examine the stracelog.txt and look if some icons could be loaded on GNOME which could not be loaded in FVWM.

gtk-theme-switch is not part of Gnome so you’ll have to install it separately, it’s located here.

Another interesting topic on this forum is about changing GTK fonts but it applies equally well to themes and stuff, it’s located here.

The link works.

The problem is (as mentioned above) that the gnome settings are missing. Try

and then restart any gnome apps.

To load the gnome-settings as fvwm starts use

[code]AddToFunc InitFunction

  • I Exec /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon
  • hope it helps

thanks it now works!