Root window mouse binding

I’m probably missing something awfully basic here, but howcome if I do

Mouse 1 R A Nop

, I get a “waiting” cursor when I press on root window. I don’t get that with mouse 2 or 3. Just curious, because I don’t believe I’ve seen this with earlier versions (I’ve CVS from May)

I get the same thing with mouse buttons 2 and 3 unbound to the root window. It happens because the mouse button hasn’t been relesed yet.

– Thomas Adam

OK. The next thing I did was I created a function with

[code]AddToFunc UnBindRoot

  • I Nop
  • D Nop
  • M Nop[/code]
    And now the single click on window doesn’t produce a waiting cursor, but moving the cursor while holding down the button, or double clicking on root produces it. Interesting. Also if I take the “+D” off, single clicking on root produces waiting cursor.
    Not that it matters a single bit (byte?) to me, but I was just wondering about it because my logic says it shouldn’t produce a waiting cursor.

Oh man I feel a little stupid now :blush:
Should learn to read manpages more carefully I suppose.
“Nop” isn’t the way to go to unbind keys or mouse, “-” is.

That’s what I meant in my initial reply – even using the correct notation (:)) shows a WAIT cursor.

– Thomas Adam

Heh, I had a hunch that what you told hold the answer, I just didn’t manage to understand it. Oh well. Now when I do Mouse 1 R A -
it works just as how I expected (ie. no waiting cursor) :slight_smile: