Rows and Columns in FvwmButtons

I am a bit confused about the Rows and Column defintions for the FvwmButtons module.

In the man page it says that you don’t need to specify the columns so I have ignored that option. But to make anything look ok I need to specify rows = 5.
But I only need one row, all my buttons that the same size. But If I choose

*FvwmButtons: Rows 1

it looks really messy.

I have 19 buttons (including a swallowed IconMan) but why do I need to specify 5 rows?

Read this:

(It just saves me having to reiterate it.)

– Thomas Adam

I have read that but I can’t seem to find any info on why 2 rows where needed for each of the buttons below the top button.

I have made this geometry:

*FvwmButtons: Geometry 1400x25+0-0

Which means that my taskbar will have a height of 25 pixels.

But where is the documentation that tells me that the hight of 25 pixels is equivalent to 5 rows?

Read up on the BoxSize algorithm used – really, the worked example in the FvwmButtons manpage is all you should need.

– Thomas Adam