runtime writing on desktop (post-it style)


I’ve been using fvwm for almost a decade now, and I love it :slight_smile: My configuration file has evolved slowly over the years, and just now I realized theres one more thing I’d like to make it… well not complete, but one step closer to fvwm perfection :slight_smile:

This is roughly the feature I want:
Imagine a desktop with postit notes on it, but the “yellow notepads” are transparent and drawn directly on the desktop. They don’t have windows around them and are in all respects a part of the background image. Now if you click on it, the passive text becomes editable, and you can write on it.

I suppose I could install some gtk/qt app and set the background to translucent, then tell fvwm to remove all borders and make it always lie behind other windows.

But it would be cool if I could do this directly in fvwm… wouldnt it?

If any knows if this can be done, or how it can be done, I’d appreciate it lots!!


I’m pretty sure this could be done completely with a FvwmScript that is on the bottom layer and uses the TextField widget.

cool, fvwmscript? gotta take a look at that…

Thanks a bunch!