rupert-k's desktop

Here it is:

fvwm2rc is here:

Running fvwm-2.5.10-r3 straight out of Gentoo Portage. When I started, I got Taviso’s well documented fvwm2rc ( see ) which I then modified to suit my needs.

The background is Vestiture from and has been slightly modified by me to fit my 1920x1200 screen.

On the screenshot, the terminal is rxvt-unicode ( urxvt config from Ikaro at : currently seems down though, it redirects to Gentoo Forums), the FireFox theme is ‘708090’ available from and the system monitor on the top right is torsmo.

Props to Taviso and Ikaro for their configs, ideas and general inspiration.



Phew, your shot nearly gave me a heart attack… Took me some time to realize the optical illusion created by your wallpaper, nearly thought me CRT had gone bad…

Anyway, nice desktop :slight_smile:

Very Nice!


Well, thanks to the good people of this board, my config has evolved quite a bit and it’s time for a new screenshot:

config is available here:

Thumbnails function is from Taviso, buttonbar from PEM and the Gentoo Emerge menu item is from Gulivert. Thanks to Al for the titlebar buttons.

The rest is cut & pasted from a number of other people’s configs and modified by me to suit my taste.


Yehh … Nice shot.

In you first screenshot, what is the bar in the upper right corner?

I believe it is torsmo

– Thomas Adam

In the first shot, it is actually an FvwmButtons module with some swallowed xosview meters and a swallowed Xdaliclock. I got the idea for this with Gulivert’s config.

In the second shot, ThomasAdmas is right, it is Torsmo: