ruskie's config

Here’s my first FVWM config based on the blue eyed theme for e17 which
I ported to green on e17 and now am using it as green_eyed in FVWM :)

Ok so I guess comments are in order:
The icons are all taken from Gnant.Xfce icon theme
With the exception of the kazehakase button(second from the left)
that’s the default button that comes with kazehakase and I haven’t found
a better browser button yet.

The now playing line in FvwmButtons is an urxvt that’s running a modified
xmms2 client running xmms2 status.

All the buttons have a nice -lighter version to make them highlight on mouseover.

I think most people know that the resource-everything indicators on the right is gkrellm.

The background I just found in my backgrounds folder which needs a good cleaning soon… No clue where it’s from.

The terms are all urxvt.

Config will follow when I’m happy with it…
And when I understand it of course :)

Many thanks to thomas adam, taviso and others on #fvwm.