sazzus03.conf - vertical panel

this is my first config

here is the code

in the first screenshot you can see my desktop how it appears when you “startx”:
. the wallpaper is made by me
. the terminal is mrxvt with bash shell and it auto starts… i can’t do without it :wink:
. the post-it is “xpad”: you can read in it the commands run before the screenshot is taken
. and last but not least the root menu… look: i’m going to start a DVD in 2,35:1

a little description of windows:
. shadows are made with xcompmgr
. buttons are all vectorial, from right to left: close, iconify, resize to 800x600, stay on top
. no borders

in the second screenshot you can see MPlayer running the most wonderful film of the world; look:
. iconified windows are on the right top
. real transparencies are obtained with “transset-df”
. inactive title bar has also root transparency

pay attention: Firefox stays on top of the terminal and Mplayer stays on top of all; the terminal is the active window

in the last screenshot you can se the core of my work: the TASKBAR ON THE LEFT, my vertical panel; properties:
. autohide
. 160 pixel width
. quick start icons (terminal and firefox)
. “start” menu (root menu again)
. quick access to directories (using ROX-Filer)
. a long list of windows (FvwmIconMan); in this way you can read the title of the window even when many windows are open
. FvwmPager (i have 3 pages in vertical)
. FvwmScript(s)
. conky

this taskbar is the reason i use FVWM: i was looking for a way to build something like this… i found FVWM!

tell me if you have suggestions or something is wrong with this post, with the config code or with my english! :wink:

ps - yellow color looks very fluorescent on a crt monitor… it’s very different from what i see on my laptop!! sorry!

nice decors

Very nice setup. I’m going to check out that terminal you use.

I love the true trasnparencies too. Does it use very much memory? When I use just $aterm -transparent things run slower.

What does “quick access to directories (using ROX-Filer)” mean?
and what is conky?

Great job, makes me want to keep working!

. i’ve a bad graphic card and the real transparencies don’t take so much memory… you can see it in the third screenshot
. quick access to directories: you can access a directory by clicking on a icon: you can see in the third screenshot the icons “home”, “uni”,“mp3”, “tmp”… but you can put what you want

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

I’m still confused by what “access” means. Do you have different file types opened automatically by particular programs? I don’t have a file manager and just use the terminal or open files directly from an application, so I’m kind of shopping around for how people “access” their files, and what that means on *nix…

Thanks again and great work

“access”, if i’m right with my english, means that if I click on the icon “mp3” it’ll open ROX directly to my mp3 directory