Screenshots of my config

Hi all! I’m new in ithe forum, but not in FVWM :wink:
You can see my screenshots here, the configs download coming soon :smiley:
grettings :arrow_right:

UPDATED: config (and 2 screenshots) are now available for download HERE

Gulivert ???
Nothing much … keep up , but i think you should try something new, rather then doing the Mac OSX look, it was cool some months ago …
nice colors though

? I only use the emerge script from gulivert :wink:

I really like it. Are you going to post your config? Or atleast a link to that awsome red wallpaper!!


Yep, when I finish the desktop :smiley:
u can grab wallpaper from here in last page

nice shots blue. I will be waiting for your config :smiley:

mmmm…nice screenshots.

You’ve done some nice work. :slight_smile:

where did you pick up your rox iconset?

thanks, the icons of roxfiler are minium and snowe, u can download both from here:

Hi!, my config are now available for download at > Section Config downloads

see u, bye!