How about a screenshot thread?

It was after all the cool screenshots like Ikaro & Taviso’s that converted me from Fluxbox to FVWM2

If each screenshot had a link to its .fvwm2rc that would be great too and would encourage non FVWM2 people to try it out.


sounds good…
just one big thread of screenshots with config or like a screenshot forums?

We could create a montly thread like on the Gentoo forums, but I’m wondering which forum would be suitable for such a thread… I suppose The tavern would be the most natural place to put it, unless we’d make a board for any non-problem posts about Fvwm (kind of like “Other things Gentoo” for those who are familiar with the Gentoo board).

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

If it had its own forum people could post their own thread with an s/s, their config and where to get any icons, etc.

Then all replies to each config would have their own thread, you’d avoid the pain of trawling through long threads like with the monthly screenshots on the Gentoo forums, etc.

I’ve adhered to your suggestions, so now there’s the “Screenshots & configs” forum.

I’ve also renamed the “Basic questions” section to “Other things Fvwm”, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely appropriate, let me know what you think, and post screenshots (and configs of course), goddamnit :wink: :smiley:

I’ll see about seconding some of the screenshots from the main FVWM site to the forum – I know that Uwe Pross is looking at setting up another area on the main FVWM site for a screenshot/config combination, but I have heard nothing further.

– Thomas Adam