[Script] FvwmPerl Scripts for Laptops

I created FvwmPerl scripts for monitoring battery status, audio volume level, and screen brightness level. They are posted at:


They are free, relatively simple, and adaptable.

My laptop & netbook are not new & powerful. In order to realize a few more cycles that I can use instead of being wasted maintaining an “environment” I don’t need, I replaced Ubuntu/Kubuntu with my much favored Slackware & FVWM. My old hardware feels much more responsive now. Heck, I may get another 7 useful years out of my laptop…:slight_smile:

Cheers, Bob

[Edit] Apologies - this should have been posted to “Other Languages”.

It’s amazing what dropping the Gnome/KDE bloat can do for the performance of a computer…

Fixed that for you ::slight_smile: