[??] Scripting languages:Perl,... ?

You can only use Perl to write Fvwm modules, but you can use any scripting language with for example a PipeRead.

There’s an Fvwm Python module right here

But I don’t know if it works :slight_smile:

I’ve had a Ruby module for sometime. It works, but is by no means ready for release yet. If there is enough interest, I might develop it further.

– Thomas Adam

That sound pretty neat, I’ve been trying to learn Ruby for some time now (trying because I don’t really have the time) and as Ruby’s popularity is ever increasing…

You might want to consider uploading it and see what response you get and decide what to do based on that response :slight_smile:

Hi there,

does anybody know about tcl/tk addon or even how I can access the internal ImagePath (not via .fvwm2rc, that could fail, if a user sets it in a “Read someconfigfile”)?



I guess it depends on how comfortable you want it to be.

Fvwm Modules and Pipereads can come from any programming language, however it should be a lot of work and pain to get message parsing etc. set up correctly from scratch.

The perl library does all that for you, so I guess right now it’s the most comfortable way to write fvwm modules in a scripting language.

And of course fvwm supports modules written in c.

I’ve seen one Fvwm Module written in bash (taviso’s FvwmExpose module, posted elsewhere here on the forum). In principle that module is the start of a bashlib.

I’ve heard and read that someone started to write a framework in scheme, but I wasn’t able to get any further information about that (other than some messages in the fvwm mailing list archives). I’d be interested in such a thing, since scheme is my preferred programming language. If I can’t get any further information about this, I’ll maybe start to write a schemelib from scratch, but I don’t have too much time on my hands, so don’t hold your breath.

There is a pythonlib (and a rubylib?) somewhere, but I don’t know if it has the same features as perllib.

And I hear Thomas Adam is writing an FvwmRuby module, which he probably will release if we all keep nagging him about it ;-} poke

I am. I’ve written it. I am just making sure the TK/GTK support works Ok before I release it… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, keep poking me for it.

– Thomas Adam

So umm. How’s the ruby module doing? :slight_smile:
I’d be very interested.

Like everything else I do FVWM-related at the moment, it’s on a hiatus.

ruby -e ‘Watch.this_space();’

– Thomas Adam