Scroll through desktops with wheel?

I’d like to scroll through my desktops (set at 3x1) by using my mouse wheel.
I’d like to scroll up to go to the right and down to go to the left.
It’d be great if I could do this SMOOTHLY, somewhat like EdgeScroll 1 but smoother yet :\

You most likely mean pages here:

Mouse 4 R       C   Scroll 100000 0
Mouse 5 R       C   Scroll -100000 0

… change to suit. You can also use the ‘GotoPage’ command as well. If you want to make it delay scrolling, you can’t easily do it using the wheel button on the root window. If you used EdgeCommand, you could. but this is different to your question.

– Thomas Adam

That didn’t seem to do anything at all?
I want to scroll on the root window and have it smoothly transfer over to the other page/desktop/screen.

OK. It doesn’t do anything because my example uses the control key as a modifier, which you’ll have to hold. It might also not work if you use sloppyfocus since when the pointer is in the root window that makes no odds, hence you might also want to look at the PointerKey command which works like the Mouse command cited above. Thirdly, the use of “Scroll” might have to change to suit your layout – and/or you might find it more intuitive to use the ‘GotoPage’ (or ‘GotoDesk’) command.

I also expect you to do a little reading. I’ve given you the basic hints. All you have to do is adapt them. You’ll learn much more that way.

– Thomas Adam

Oh, I didn’t realize that the Control key was needed, oops, sorry about that, thanks for your help, I’ll read into it some more.