Scrolling on pager

I have a pager for my 4x1 desktop layout in the corner of my screen, always protected by EWMHBaseStruts. I would like it so when I scroll my mouse (buttons 4 and 5) over the pager, it changes the view to the desktop to the left or right, but I have no idea how to make this happen. If anyone could give me some commands to stick in my config or point me to the man page section covering this sort of thing, that would be great. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

I believe FvwmPager isn’t able to do something like that. However, if you swallow the pager into a FvwmButtons, it will allow you to do what you want. For instance :

*Panel: (16x23, Icon arrow-previous.xpm, Action(Mouse 1) 'GoToDesk -1 0 3', \ Action(Mouse 5) 'GoToDesk -1 0 3', \ Action(Mouse 4) 'GoToDesk +1 0 3')

Actually it’s possible with normal bindings:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 4 W A GoToDesk 1
Mouse (FvwmPager) 5 W A GoToDesk -1

Ah cool !

I do have my panel swallowed into FvwmButtons so I used lucky’s suggestion and it worked perfectly. Thank you!