Sending module-type messages via network and/or X?


I want to control FVWM from an application that is Not a subprocess of fvwm. Is there a way to do this other than FvwmCommand? (& over the network)
Specifically, I was wondering if there are Window-Manager-Hints for reading/writing requests.

You could write a module to provide the interface. If you used perllib there’s be relatively little effort involved. You’d need to use select to monitor the two file descriptors - one for the network socket and one for the pipe to FVWM. For the protocol, you could just forward packets from FVWM to the network connection and vice versa.


What about allowing modules to access their own, custom WM hints?


I don’t know how you’d go about that. Modules can only manipulate FVWM internals through the configuration command set. I don’t know of any command that allows the definition of custom hints - doubt someone will set
me right if I’m wrong.

Basically, if you can’t do it from the config file, you can’t do it from a module either