Sequential execution?


I am trying to write a function that has its options executed one by one, but not simultaneously:

for instance:

  • move a window in position A to its previous location B.
  • pick a Next window and move it to A

Simply using “+ I” just doesn’t work.
I searched and find “wait”, but it needs a new window name as input parameter.
By the name of “piperead” I guessed the command would take the command stream and execute sequentially. Thus I put 2 command lines in a text file and feed it to Piperead, but it seems to me that the 2 commands get executed at the same time…

Till now I have no idea what else I could try but turn to the forum again for help.

Any pointer or hints would be greatly appreciated.

with kind regards,

You want PipeRead, see: … fhobia.txt

DestroyFunc A
AddToFunc   A
+ I PipeRead `echo SomeFunctionName`
+ I PipeRead `SomeOtherCommand`

– Thomas Adam