Session Management [fixed]

What would anyone suggest for session management in FVWM. I have looked at the FvwmSave and FvwmSaveDesk modules, and don’t really care for them. I have also tried ROX-Session and gnome-session but was never able to get them to work well with FVWM. All I need is to automatically save the apps that are running when I quit and reload them when I log back in.

  • Phil

Not to plug my own article, I do have some notes on just that here:

Thanks. I’ve actually been there before; that’s where I got the ideas on which session managers to use. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much success with them as I would like. First, I suspect that fvwm is not being terminated properly when using rox-session or gnome-session. I don’t think the InitFunctions are being called (I can’t remember exactly, it’s been a while). Second, I can’t figure out how to make the session managers just quit if fvwm dies. They just hang around and want to restart the window manager.

  • Phil

Session management support is something I’m going to look at for my dissertation next year (with fvwm). Rox-session is not a session manager. It’s just a glorified way of starting applications up (in parlance with KDE’s ~/.kde/AutoStart directory).

Also, because the session manager is repsonsible for the WM as well, they’re bound to restart it. You can get gnome-session not to do that, but the consequences are one of an endless loop.

If you want me to take a look at your config file, I can do.

Hmm… well, is there a command that says “log me out of gnome-session”… ya know, something like “gnome-session logout”??

I decided to play around with it and noticed two more things. When I restart fvwm with the restart command, firefox loses its titlebar and many of the fonts become bigger (the same size that they would be if I just started gnome).

Fixed fonts by changing DPI to 75.

The other thing to remember is to make sure you run the command:


from ~/.xsession, or some such, so that preferences are persistent across sessions.

Ok, thanks.

The other problem I am having is that aterm doesn’t use the same colors (defined in .Xdefaults) that fvwm uses.

I searched for it and found a fix to the .Xdefaults thing. Gnome uses .Xresources, so I just made a link from .Xresources to .Xdefaults. And for some reason, the firefor titlebar problem disappeared, so it works now.

Hopefully this thread will help others.

Edit: I spoke to soon… I still want a way to logout without using the menu in the gnome-panel, as I would like to have gnome-panel not running.

This I found in the manpages (not very easy to find I tell you … ), I think the last one is what you’re after :slight_smile:


Spectacular! Everything is working just the way I want it, as far as session management goes. Thanks, both of you.