seting up the area of the 'thumbnails'

Hello all
Im working on my fvwm theme here (modding some to get what i want :stuck_out_tongue: )
Just would like to know how can i set up where the iconifyed thumbs will appear?

I asking because im using fbpanel as taskbar at top, and the first of them just appear behind it
how could I set it to appear 20 px bellow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Search the man pages for IconBox (and maybe IconFill if you need that too).

thanks :slight_smile:
it worked now, no more over the task bar, but i have a problem now:

There is some gap betwen the first and second icon, the others iconify normal, any idea what could cause this?

Here is my IconBox line:

Style * IconBox 3 20 0 0, SloppyFocus, MouseFocusClickRaises, IconFill t l