Setting color of TrianglesSolid in menus

Greetings. First post and I hope this is the right forum.

I’m trying out fvwm 2.5.12 and much man page reading and web searching has me confused: how do I change the colors of the solid triangles in a menu? I’m still at the default gray stage and they’re white. I tried playing around with others and it just seems to be a lighter version of whatever the bg is. I’d like them to be black, at this point, same as the text. I suspect it has to do with general theming in another place rather than something nice and simple like ‘TrianglesSolid black’ (which I also tried :slight_smile: ) but, honestly, I have to say the Colorset/MenuFace/etc., etc., has me a bit confused.

I’m more concerned about functionality at the moment, so that’s no big deal, but this little bit of basic ‘look’ is bothering me and I haven’t been able to figure it out.

In case anything conflicts with anything else, so far I’ve got:

MenuStyle * PopupOffset -15 100,\
	PopupDelay 333,\
	PopupActiveArea 51,\
	SidePic slackmarble32x32.png,\
	SideColor midnightblue

Any help is much appreciated.

I don’t think this is possible at the moment as none of the available colorsettings seem to have an effect on the way the triangle is colored…

Argh. I thought I could do anything with fvwm. :wink: Oh well - thanks for the reply and at least I don’t have to keep trying to figure out the unfigurable.

One last thought - I have zero graphics talent, so I don’t pay much attention to pixmap features and the like, but could the triangle be replaced with something like a black graphic? If not, I’ll either settle for the white or go back to the default. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I was under the impression you could change them with the Shadow and Hilight.
So, you could have

Colorset 3 sh black, hi black

MenuStyle * MenuColorset 3

This is just from the top of my memory, so I could be wrong.

That’s it - and then some. Absolutely does change the triangles - even just ‘hi black’ works. But either way, it also removes the 3D look of the active element and turns the separators and tearoffs 2D and black, too. If those are really bound up, then there isn’t anyway to get it like I want. But if the separators and whatnot and the triangles are separable, that’d do it. I’ll go back and re-read those sections and try to puzzle them out - like I say, the ‘MenuColorSet’ and the like are kind of confusing.

But definitely thanks - at least I know they aren’t completely immutable.

Well, you can separate atleast the MenuColorset, and ActiveColorset to be different. But if the triangles are the only thing you’d like to change to non-3d -look, I guess you could try: TrianglesRelief 0
(I didn’t test it)

Hmm, i don’t use Colorsets to set those options and it seems to be only possible with them.

As for you getting a 2d look, the ‘sh’ option of the colorset is also used to draw the ‘shadow’ on your menu entry, which is what given you the 3d effect…so if both ‘bg’ (the menu background) and ‘sh’ (shadow) are black the menu will look flat iirc

For more on Colorsets you definitely want to check out the FvwmTheme manpage :slight_smile:

Not sure but I think that’s just a optionless toggle to TrianglesSolid. And I’m not sure how to do the Active/Menu Colorset.

Basically, for now, I want the default - gray stuff, etched separator, 3D edges, black-on-gray - and just the white triangle changed to black. But I can’t even tell what it is. Doesn’t seem to be foreground, or background, or image, or text - it’s just this thing.

Well, I tried it without sh set to anything when I noticed it flatten out. It stayed flat. But based on your post, I tried setting it to white but that just gave me a sunken inverted 3D. Then I tried removing it again and changing ‘hi black’ to ‘hi darkgrey’ and so on. That restored some of the 3D and changed the triangle color, but not right, of course.

I scanned the FvwmTheme page because it said it was obsolete. I’ll take another look, but basically, I’m thinking white triangles are spiffy things after all. :unamused:

Anyway - thanks both of you for all your help and I’m just going to go ahead and actually fill in the rest of the menu. :smiley:

FvwmTheme as a module is obsolete, but the information in the manpage certainly is not as it was migrated into the fvwm core – so do not disregard it.

As to what you’re wanting to do with the triangles, it’s not possible at the moment.

– Thomas Adam