Setting environment variables in config file ~/.fvwm/config


due to a given login configuration, I cannot use a file like .xsessionrc to set my environment for X11 when logging in via XDMCP. So my entries in ~/.fvwm/config pointing to applications in non-standard locations cannot be used, unless I specify absolute paths.

Is it possible to set environment variables, namely, the PATH-variable for my X11-session in the fvwm2 config file? If yes, what would be the syntax for this?

Thanks a lot for hints!

I think

Exec exec export YOUR_VARIABLE

may work…


Unfortunately this is a really crap thing to do since it will break the environment for anything NOT launched by FVWM – the correct fix is to do this from the shell before you start FVWM.


PipeRead `echo SetEnv PATH $PATH:/foo/bar

– Thomas Adam

Hello Thomas,

your hint did it for me, thanks a lot to you and to PPyclik, too!